Alex's blog

Posted Fri 21 October 2011


My name is Alex Ravenel, and I have been tinkering with technology since I broke my parent's brand new 386 while playing hangman on it in the basement at the age of four. I'm starting this blog to serve mostly as a reference for myself as I tinker with various different things--linux, programming, vim, xbmc, whatever. Personal blogs have always been one of the greatest references available to solving the myriad of little issues one inevitably runs into when tinkering, and I'd like to leave a record of the issues that I faced that I didn't find much existing information on. At the least, this will be a reference for me if I ever face the issue again and can't remember how I resolved it. At best, I might help someone else who is facing the same issue.

I probably won't post here regularly or even often--but I do hope that someone can find this useful.

Category: Miscellaneous