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  1. How to Move a Battlefield 3 Install Directory

    Mon 14 November 2011

    I play the occasional PC game with my out-of-town friends--we all get on a Vent server and play a few games once a week as a good way to stay ...

  2. Ubuntu 11.10 Font Sizes

    Fri 21 October 2011

    I love Ubuntu. All of my personal machines run it, and I rarely use anything else except at work. However, some decisions in the most recent release, 11.10, remove ...

  3. VIM: minibufexpl Performance Issues

    Fri 21 October 2011

    I work in consulting, and this means that I frequently am asked to work on clients' machines. As part of my most recent engagement, I've done a bit of ...

  4. Introduction

    Fri 21 October 2011

    My name is Alex Ravenel, and I have been tinkering with technology since I broke my parent's brand new 386 while playing hangman on it in the basement at ...

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